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New Release for 2008! Complete book design and layout. Also available in e-book form, and as part of The Cat Lover’s House-Hunting Kit. Visit


Sample: Interior layout and design, editorial contributions, contributions to content


1989 Ben Franklin Award Winner
Sample: editorial contributions


The Peninsula Spay and Neuter Project

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Catwalk Communications specializes in print publications such as book layout, brochures, newsletters, advertisements, and just about anything else that can be printed.

Catwalk Communications does not provide logos or high volume proofing services.  We have completed, and will consider projects that include: 

  • publication design (fonts, layout, look/feel)
  • publication layout in Pagemaker or Quark, possibly Word
  • research in all contexts (business plans, marketing plans, purchasing negotiations, data acquisition and analysis, resource acquisition)
  • editorial services - reading for consistency and clarity of content
  • editorial services - reading for organization and structure of content
  • proofing - minimal only - sentence construction, APA, and some grammar
  • advertising design
  • simple web design and maintenance
  • photography (no studio shots)

Projects have included private employers for which advertisements, newsletters, mailings, brochures, packaging specifications, web art, or other promotional graphics were created (Adizes Graduate School, Blue Jay Manufacturing, Nightrider Leathers, Beverly Clark Collection, Axius Auto-Shade, Lake Minterwood Beach Club, Key Peninsula News, etc.) and:

Finding Your Own Home E-book and sample chapters available free and for sale on, along with other goodies for cat lovers and first-time home buyers. You can look for inside page samples on or contact us for sample layout pages of FYOH or Leading Organizations.

Children’s books authored by Penelope C. Paine, such as My Way Sally, are available at, and books by Dr. Bruce LaRue are available at

Authoring projects (2008):

    Galindo, S. (2008). The Cat Lover’s Guide to Finding your Own Home. Catwalk Communications. (full color, photo quality, gloss soft-cover book and e-book)

    LaRue, B. and Galindo, S. (2008). Synthesizing Higher Education and Corporate Learning Strategies, a 5-year chapter update for publication in new edition of Rudestam, K. and Schoenholtz-Read, J. (2008, 2nd ed). Handbook of Online Learning: Innovations in Higher Education and Corporate Training. SAGE.

    Galindo, S. and LaRue, B. (TBD). Plugging the Brain Drain in the Social Sciences: A Guidebook for University Administration, Instructors and Students (working title)

Other Contributions:

    Life on the Key Peninsula. (pending 2008). Coffee table book photos contributed. Key Peninsula News.

    The Ultimate Dog Lover. (2008).  Photo: page 15. HCI Publishing. (Click here to check it out!)

    Harbor Flavors. (2008). A Kiwanis recipie book. Gig Harbor Kiwanis

Published articles (partial list):

    Corporate and charitable newsletters, photos, articles, interviews and stories were published over the course of 20+ years. The following are samples:

    Galindo, S. (2008). just hired...
    Star Trek Phoenix fan magazine regular contributer.

    Galindo, S. (2006-2008). the wise alter-native. Formerly the Peninsula Spay and Neuter Project newsletter, now Coalition: Humane. Quarterly recurring interview/articles and photos.

    Galindo, S. (2006). A Student in the Spotlight. CEEMAN News: Central and East European Management Development Association, September.

    Galindo, S. and Adizes, I. (2006). The Secret of Success: Connecting to
    , Edges Coaching Community News, May.

    365 Day Cat Calendar, desktop version, photo (3/02/05)

    Kodak photography contest, received letter of honorable mention for being in top 100 of 10,000 entries (1990?)

    Pentax Life page 7, half page photo (1985)

Credits (partial list):

    Pre-press formatting, design and layout, editorial services, and
    contributions to a section on Spiral Dynamics:

    LaRue,B., Childs, P., and Larson, K. (2006). Leading Organizations from the Inside Out: Unleashing the Collaborative Genius of Action-Learning Teams, 2nd ed. Wiley ISBN: 0471703974

    Co-Editor with Kristen Pierce, Time for Romance (St. Valentines Day newspaper insert), Key Peninsula News, February, 2007.

Written copy for product catalog:

    Harley-Davidson 1995 Spring Product Catalog Supplement, p. 27: World Tour
    product line, 8 product spread

Editorial contributions for childrens book:

    Bingham, M., and Paine, P. (1988). My Way Sally. Advocacy Press ISBN: 0911655271


    “Praetor Bevoral” biography for Star Trek Phoenix recurring character.

    Teaser background research and dialogue authoring for pre-release video clips.

    Welcome to the Jungle, Guns N’ Roses video (1987), front row extra.

Art Exhibit:

    Charter Oak State College, student/alumni exhibit April 26 through May 26, 2007. My entries were featured on home page of Art Show, on top of the Virtual Artists page, and were again all featured on my own page.

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